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Blu Door is a yoga and bodyworks studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Before the business launched I branded the studio across the board and presented this presentation and brand guide to my client. My goal was to develop a business identity that represents calmness, tradition, movement and personal growth. As the business grew the flexibility of the brand successfully grew with it. 

Blu Door Branding pages.jpg
Blu Door Branding pages2.jpg
Blu Door Branding pages3.jpg
Blu Door Branding pages4.jpg
Blu Door Branding Pages5.jpg
Blu Door Branding pages6.jpg
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TBare Roofing is a roofing business based in Denver and Wyoming and has clients across both states. I had the opportunity to develop a business identity with colors that are defined specifically to represent the reliabilty and dedication of the company to its clients. Typography is bold and stands out while building relationships with graphic assets including photography, logo and full bleeds. Presentation folders with staggered sell sheets, Facebook advertisement and apparel are all included to present the brand effectively.

T Bare Folder.jpg
T Bare Facebook.jpg
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